War Chariots: Royal Legion PC game | Strategy game

War Chariots: Royal Legion game
Genres: Strategy

Plunge into the world of the Middle Ages! Lead the royal legion of war chariots and reconquer your lands from insidious invaders! Conquer enemy buildings and use magical runes to strengthen your buildings and weaken those of the enemy! Earn emeralds and improve fighting qualities of your troops. Prove your dashing courage and show off your tactical cunning. Enjoy more than 50 distinct and interesting levels, several enemy clans and different types of buildings and plenty of magic runes for all battle occasions! Find great opportunities to improve combat and strategic skills while earning a loadful of GOLD!
Unique game mechanics and setting
Magical runes enhance your abilities
Earn improvements and achievements
Intuitive UI
OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10
Cpu: 2.0 GHz
Mem: 1024 Mb
Dx: 9.0
Hd: 812 Mb
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