Lily's Epic Quest PC game | Match 3 game

Lily's Epic Quest game

Following in her grandfather’s footsteps, Lily has ambitions to be a great archeologist on the hunt for hidden gems. Her quest for the ultimate treasure, fame and glory begins below the garden of their own house. “Lily´s Epic Quest” is an innovative enhancement to the match-3 genre. Use your knowledge of match-3 mechanics as you clear a path for Lily through different ground layers. Removing blocks will make space for Lily´s path towards the center of the earth. Explore eight magical worlds on your search for rare gems and artifacts. Enjoy traditional match 3 principles with a free roaming playfield. The player decides where to dig for gems and how to solve 115 puzzles.
Match 3 with free roaming playfield!
Explore eight beautiful, magical worlds and 115 puzzles
More than 200 collectables
Find hidden doors and powerful tools
Exciting minigames included
OS: Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10
Cpu: 2.5 GHz
Mem: 2048 Mb
Dx: 9.0
Hd: 206 Mb
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