Bumble Tales PC game | Match 3,Puzzle game

Bumble Tales game
Genres: Match 3, Puzzle

Help the Bumbles of the small city of Springleton collect valuable resources and discover the lives of these adorable and tiny creatures! These little critters live their day-to-day lives as firefighters, school teachers, and even sushi chefs. Use your Match 3 skills to earn wood, gold, bricks and unlock impressive trophies. Assist the cute citizens of Springleton and learn all kinds of Bumble Tales!
Cute critters
Gripping gameplay
Listen to Bumble Tales!
OS: Windows XP/Vista
Cpu: 600 Mhz
Mem: 128 Mb
Dx: 6.0
Hd: 107 Mb
Download Bumble Tales Game (96 Mb)

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